Green Technology Center (GTC) Promotional Video 2014 - English Version

9 a.m. in the morning everyday at Green Technology Center is busy.

It is because there are fervent discussions going on with people around the worldwho want to learn the green technology

The hot passion of researchers is directed toward the best performance.

it is the technology of happiness for human, environment and future hope.

In the center of leading that change is green technology center now the environmental problems give people a big task to be solved.

The green technology is supposed to deal with it.

It is also the new growth engine for the sustainable growth and development.

green technology center was announced to be established in the key speech by the president in 2011 global green growth summit.

On February 1st 2013, it started its first step as a Research Center of Korea Institute of Science and Technology

Green Technology Center conducts the research on green technology and policy international cooperation and future green technology forecast for the solution of global environmental problems through the

international cooperation network research on the national green technology and policy is concerned with the preparation up differentiating green technology

development strategy and suggestion of long and midterm R&D directions and also tries to suggest the advanced R&D investment strategy

by analyzing the national research development project in policy

so that the capital and resources to be allocated to the right-field

at the right time

We developed the green technology competitiveness index we provide the green technology R&D strategy and technical information for the development of green policy

and green technology to small and medium-sized companies

we also leave in job-creating as for the cooperation in global green technology

we cooperate with other countries and international organizations on the joint actions against the climate changes but also we make efforts to develop the promising technology

for next-generation and transfer our green technology to people in other countries. 

By developing the Korean type green technology transfer model which the public and civilian can participate so that other countries can cope with the climate change efficiently.

we help our domestic technology transferred to overseas.

in terms of development of future technology we create the future green technology for creating of newmarket and industry and we forecast the future green technology trend

you academic and fusion approach

Especially, we focus on the resources capability for developing the green technology which can create new industry and ecology

these future technologies would be the new growth engine be a strong foundation for our society and the industrial development.

we have the mission of leading the human sustainable development through green technology. 

the enlist challenge and passion of researcher at Green Technology Center will go on for all now the world is watching Korea as a herb of creative green future green climate fund, global green growth institute

and green technology center

new green harmony leads the global green growth and it becomes the sustainable growth engine which can create new market and

jobs through creation

and fusion

green technology center will share with you the health environment

and creative future

we will be a leader and making the human happiness technology