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KOR-IDN Net-zero Green Climate Technology Cooperation Forum

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ㅇ Date: OCT 17, 2022 (MON) 10:30-11:40

ㅇ Location: GTC Main Conference Room, Seoul, Korea

ㅇ Contents

- KOR-IDN Net-zero joint response demand derivation
   (Climate technology cooperation policy, strategy, business sharing) 

- Discussion of green climate technology sustainability and regional development R&D strategy cooperation plan

ㅇ Attendees

(GTC) Byung Ki Cheong President(Online), Kim Kwan Young Director of GTPI, Jongyeol Lee Researcher, etc.

(KIER) Jihye Gwak Principal Researcher
(KEI)  Hyungsik Choi Researcher Fellow
(Ecosian) Suhyun You Chief Researcher


(BRIN) Haznan-Abimanyu Chairman of Research Organization of Energy and Manufacturing, Nugroho Sasongko Director of LCA  Center

(GGGI Indonesia) Marcel Silvius Country Representative

(GTPI) Parlindungan Purba Advisor
(NRIA) Nugroho Adi Sasonko

(LXInternational Indonesia) Basuki Min Choi

(KADIN) Jaya Wahono, Robby Kusumaharta

(National Research and Innovation Agency) Mego Pinandito

(Indonesia Local Government) Benny Suharsono

(Ministry of Environment and Forestry) Laksmi Dhewanthi Director General of Climate Change Control
(Ministry of National Development and Planning) Vivi Yulaswati Deputy Chairman

(Ministry of Marine Affairs and Investment) Lukijanto Assitance Deputy for Infrastructure & Logistics System
(Ministry of Industry) Doddy Rahadi Head of Standardization Agency and Industrial Services Policy

(Ministry of Agriculture) Fadjry Jufry  Head of Agency of Agricultural Instrument Standardization

(Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources) Dadan Kusdiana Director General

(Ministry of Tourism and Economic Creative) Vinsensius Jemeda, etc. 



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