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Division of Policy Research

The Division of Policy Research designs applicable policies by predicting
promising technologies and policies in the field of climate technology.
Also, it designs national agendas and strategies
for participating in the international climate negotiation.

Major research field

The establishment of and support to the
implementation of climate technology policies

  •                          -   Plans R&D projects for domestic and foreign climate technologies and finds methods for improving their efficiency
  •                          -   Researches climate technology industry and market development policies by predicting promising technologies,
                                  analyzing their future demands and establishing industry strategies for reducing carbon emissions.
  •                          -   Analyzes the establishment and change of green·climate technology-related international
                                  institutions and studies strategies for national and international responses (UNFCCC, IPCC, etc)

Division of  Policy Research


The division of 
Policy Research

  • Presonnel in chargePark Chul HoDirector           park5085@gtck.re.kr