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National Climate Technology Cooperation Center

NCCC(National Climate Technology Cooperation Center) was established based on the “Climate Change Response Technology Development Promotion Act” which was enacted to minimize the negative impact caused by climate change and promote development of domestic climate technologies. As thinktank and actiontank leading international cooperation and human resource training in the field of climate technology, NCCC aims to (1) Strengthen the foundation of cooperation with technology support system and (2) train human resources and activate international cooperation on development and transfer climate technologies to achieve the 2050 carbon neutrality and NDCs (National Determined Contributions).

Major research field

  •                  - (Policy Strategy) Establish policies and strategies to support cooperation with bilateral and multilateral partners 
  •                     like international organizations on development and transfer of climate technology 
  •                  - (International Negotiations) Find UNFCCC international agendas and support responding to it for strengthening relationship with 
  •                     climate technology support system and promoting international cooperation on climate technology.
  •                  - (Project Development) Support international cooperation and planning related projects 
  •                     for promoting development and transfer of Korean domestic climate technologies
  •                  - (Human Resource Training) Support establishing human resource training policies
                        for development and diffusion of domestic technology for carbon neutrality

National Climate Technology Cooperation Center


National Climate Technology Cooperation Center 

  • Personnel in chargeKim Tae Kun Director